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Mother Dearest☀️

To start this blog post off, I just want to say I would not be as good as I am or as creative as I am, if it wasn’t for this woman. Every colorful, creative & hardworking bone in my body came from this woman so I think it’s only fair I show appreciation to my creator🥰

Growing up, I remember watching her do it all....LITERALLY! There isn't anything she can't do! Other than work her own Facebook🤣....... But she cooked, did her variety of crafts, took care of us, & always tried her best to get us whatever we wanted. If you know my mom, cool lol you probably already know all this! Because anyone who knows my mom, knows she is the GO TO for any occasion! The GO TO, who has all the hook-ups! I remember people would call all the time and she'd put it on speaker..

"I need to go to Samoa next week. Can you find me a fare?"

"Can you cater my daughters wedding?"

"Can you pick me up from the airport next week?"

"Lets do a fundraiser"

Now, my mom has had the same phone number.. I want to say for about 15+ years. She could get a new phone and you call with an unknown number and she'd know immediately who you are. Thats the kind of person my mom is. Just this social butterfly.... That can turn into a cat, because she can be nasty when she needs to be!🤷🏻‍♀️😂 It always be the quiet ones man! I really could go on and on about this woman.. And now that I'm a mother myself, I just wish I could've appreciated her more than I did when I lived in Hawaii. We talk all the time now, you know those memes of like "I need to go to the doctor. Let me call my mom to make my appt"? Yeaaaaah. I swear they are soooo true! ESPECIALLY if you live in a whole different stuff. I know google is there but.. Come on now

I remember when I first saw some fimo flowers, and like a crochet kind of "LEI" around a few of my dads hats. They were all so beautiful and in so many different colors! My dad walks in and my mother is like "Hey hun, I just made these. Nice ah?" and I was like wait. HUH. How do you make a dam flower?? Or a fluffy looking hat lei? ..But after that I started to notice more when shed do her crafts. Watched her shape the fimo clay into such beautiful flowers. I watched her make them with such ease and I was just amazed. Dam. My mother can really do anything!

This is just one of the hat leis she had made lol. it matched my dads whole outfit! He would've had no sense of fashion if he hadn't met my mother! I wish I had more pictures but I've had a flip phone up until 2013 I believe? LMAO crazy to think that was only 7 years ago. But I never really needed one. I was either home or with who I always texted/called. My husband😍😂 But anywho, if I find more from my siblings I will update this blog!!

I will forever be grateful for the family God blessed me with! From my mother and siblings to my husband and in-laws! Watching her and my sisters, growing up helped me be the strong, confident and independent woman that I am today💃🏻

Its been a little while since my first blog, I have a few I'm writing and slowly adding to them (this was one of them lol) and I'm just taking in my little business air! Do you know how amazing it is to wake up and do what you love?! Be your own boss?! I'll save that excitement for another blog. I really thought about doing a VLOG. But then I can't say "LOL" and I say that alot😂 LOL! Thank you all for the amazing support since I've started! I hope we can all be blog friends! & you all can continue to support me on my business journey☺️

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