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The ball is finally rolling, guys!

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

After almost 4 long months of debating whether or not I should start up my own website, the day has finally come! This pandemic has definitely changed everyones normal daily routines.. Now there are mandatory lockdowns, we have to wear masks just to go to the store, and there are social distancing stickers all over the floors! But the craziest part of all is that the year is almost over! You know, when it all started back in March my husband and I were both working at Amazon. The positive cases started to arise at both of our warehouses and my husband and I decided that one of us needed to take a leave of absence and stay home with our kids.. Just in case, God forbid. Something were to happen. And it wasn’t just our little family, because when my husband and I would go to work his aunty and grandmother would watch our babies, and we weren’t going to risk any of our loved ones! Rewind to about a year ago..our ORIGINAL plan was that I would work for 3 months, save up every single paycheck and use that to get my little business started. Then 3 months turned to 6 months... that turned into 8.. And before I knew it, a whole year passed me by!

It was just the fear and anxiety of failing, that kept me away from doing what I love doing! Of course I was still sewing and making things for my 3 kids and for family. Taking small orders and just kept it all, SMALL. But I still wasn’t satisfied.

Best believe it was a very BRUISING reality slap when I finally woke up from my fears and realized... How can I fail when I haven't even given it a try? I want to be that GO TO seamstress lady you and your family can depend on for anything! So I had to get off my a$$ and keep it pushing! I am thankful for this pandemic only because it gave me some time to challenge myself with new projects. But I am happy to say now that my business is up & running and I'm just an email away!

Im going to try my best to keep up with this blog and update it as many times as possible, I just love that this is even an option because I want to be able to look back on this journey with my children and have absolutely no regrets!

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Aug 20, 2020


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